How Project Free TV Website Works?

Due to the Corona outbreak in every part of the world, everyone was forced to stay in their houses due to the lockdown. We were not able to go out and enjoy ourselves, moreover, the shooting of new shows and movies was stopped due to which old movies and repeated episodes of TV shows were telecasted. The only source of entertainment that was left, was online streaming platforms, all of which have an extensive collection of original and latest movies and web series which we could enjoy watching with our friends and family. But there is a difficulty in this also, the subscription rates of all of these platforms are very high and we cannot afford to buy all this. Nevertheless, there is a solution to that too, and that is the Free TV Project.

Project free TV is an online platform, a website where you can watch and download shows and movies from various paid online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. for free. Due to the providence of the latest movies and shows for free the searches on the internet for Project Free TV New Domain were exponentially increased. However, the website does not directly publish the videos on their website. Whenever we went to search for a movie or show on this website, it will show you the related result, by clicking on any of the link provided, you will be directed to a new website where you can watch that video of a movie or an episode from a series, for free.

Even though the website does not directly host the pirated content, as any other free movie site do, still it was banned by the government due to some copyright issues and there is no easy by which Project Free TV Unblocked. Most of the sources believe that the Project Free TV website was not banned due to copyright issues, but the process was induced by several online streaming platforms, as this website was turning a huge number of users from these platforms in order to avail the same facilities for free.

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