What Is The New Domain For Project Free TV?

Among various free streaming sites that are available in the internet world, projectfree tv is also one of the most famous streaming sites. These kinds of streaming sites disappeared because they were banned by the government or these sites went down for several reasons. 

Similarly, this site also went down but it came up with a new domain name. Among many other websites, the one which works hassle free is ‘projectfreetv.so’.  

About the project free tv movies

Login to the website, then search the content that you want in the search bar and play the content and enjoy watching it. When you click on the content that you want to enjoy watching, you will be taken to another website. Also users must know the project free tv new domain, so that even if the site goes down, users can enjoy watching it. 

What are the ways to use it?

Step 1: Open the site and register by entering your email address and password. 


Step 2: You will have to add basic information if you are creating your account. 


Step 3: Click on the categories that you desire to watch the most. 

If you are an existing user, then you can easily login to your account. 

Finally users can enjoy project free tv movies or other contents without any payment just by using our internet. 

Advantages and disadvantages in this are:

Only internet connection is needed, you need not pay any other amount for it. The quality of video is high, also you can watch the content whenever you need which is unlike cable TV’s. 

The streaming websites might have malware and viruses in it which can cause damage to your device. Some websites are full of advertisements where it is difficult for you to watch the content. 

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